A TRANSFER TAX of 15% is active on the $EARN ETH contract. Anyone who has experienced this transfer tax PRIOR to this announcement being posted here and in the Telegram group will be refunded after the issue is corrected. PLEASE NOTE if you do transfer $EARN ETH before this issue is corrected you will see the 15% tax removed.

EverEarn Academy aims to build confidence and trust while empowering the crypto community to better their knowledge through education, information, and community. The Academy strives to be a valuable tool for all investors with free online classes, news, FAQ&As, AMA notes, support, and weekly community recognition.

EverEarn believes the most valuable investment you can make is the one you make in yourself, and EverEarn Academy is here to help you do just that. Let’s get started by walking through our Academy Orientation class together.


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Featured Classes

App Walkthrough EverEarn Swap
App Walkthrough NFT Minting
App Walkthrough Wallet Tracker
App Walkthrough BUSD Staking
Basic Wallet Safety and Security
Academy Orientation

Community Recognition

Each week the EverEarn team recognizes a community member and rewards their dedication with 2.5 million EverEarn!


Join the Team

EverEarn is currently looking to expand our team and invites you to apply to the open poitions below. If you are a dedicated individual and have a true passion for EverEarn we’d like to hear from you.

AMAs and Community Chats

EverEarn offers daily AMA and Coummunity Chats to help you stay up to date with not just the EverEarn, but also markets, crypto news, and other world events that could influence your crypto investments. Knowledge is power and knowing what to expect before it happens can help remove fear, uncertainity, and doubt. Beginner or expert we would love to have you join the conversation.

Project News

Staying up to date with the latest news about your investments is important, no matter where you choose to invest. EverEarn’s Project News section aims to make that task a littler easier. If you’re not able to attend regular AMAs and Community Chats, or browse through the AMA notes, this is where you can find the major information you need to know.

Contact & Support

Need to reach the EverEarn team concerning business proposals or community support? Whether you’re an influencer with a marketing proposal, a project leader with a partnership inquiry, or a community member who just needs some help inside the EverEarn ecosystem… we’re here for you with our Contact & Support ticket system.


Marketing Proposals - Partnership Inquiries - Influencer Requests - General Support - Academy Support - App/Dashboard Support



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EverEarn Swap

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EverEarn Swap

Any other source is likely a scam



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Price $0.00001493
24hr +/- 1.17%
24hr Vol $600.00
Market Cap $1,243,903
Cir. Supply 83,315,679,757
Burned 16,684,320,243
Holders 3,231


Data updated every 5 minutes on refresh.


Price $0.00000577
24hr +/- -50.70%
24hr Vol $2,549.35
Market Cap $504,191
Cir. Supply 87,364,662,346
Burned 12,635,337,654
Holders 226



PriceComing Soon
24hr +/-Coming Soon
24hr VolComing Soon
Market CapComing Soon
Cir. SupplyComing Soon
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Coming Soon

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